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Burlington Board of Health Providing Free Flu Vaccines for Children in October

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During October the Burlington Board of Health will be providing influenza vaccinations for children ages 6 months – 18 years by appointment only.  Flu injection is available for ages 6 months to 18 years.  All children are eligible for free vaccine regardless of insurance status and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  To schedule an appointment, please call 781-270-1955. As per the CDC, the nasal spray flu vaccine (live attenuated influenza vaccine or LAIV) will not be available this flu season.

Growing Up Online – A Presentation for Parents – October 4 at BHS

Cybersafety is one of the most confronting issues for teachers, parents and of course students. It is the number one non-academic problem that schools have to tackle, often on a daily basis. Whereas most of the inappropriate behavior occurs at home, schools are responsible for trying to sort out the mess when a student’s online behavior affects their relationships within the school community.
Children today have access to and are accessible by many millions of people worldwide via the vast array of websites, applications and online-games. Other identified dangers include exposure to inappropriate content, cyberbullying and harassment, ‘sexting’ and identity theft. Teens are often not aware that their words and or photos, which may have been intended for a small audience, sometimes find their way to a larger one, often with both the unexpected and undesirable consequences.
Burlington High School takes the issue of Cybersafety education very seriously and is taking a proactive approach by affording parents the opportunity to be informed about the serious nature of this issue, and I have much pleasure in inviting you to a Cybersafety Presentation for parents. This presentation will be held on October 4th in the Burlington High School Auditorium. This presentation is suitable for ALL parents, regardless of the age of your son or daughter and will be delivered by an internationally recognized expert on this issue, Susan McLean.
More information is below and more Information about Susan McLean can be found at
I strongly encourage your attendance at this very important evening. As parents, you have a very important role to play in the minimizing of cyberbullying and harassing behaviors online and this presentation will assist you to develop CyberSafety measures for your own family to ensure that your children remain as safe as possible when using the fabulous technologies available to them.
kEePiNg SaFe iN cYbErSpAcE :-


  • An informative, entertaining and enlightening session for Parents and carers of young children and adolescents and will cover:-
  • Popular sites – What are they? (You probably know Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat, but what about Kik, Yellow, Happen, Secret Calculator or Houseparty?
  • What do kids do online? Where do they go? The difference between an ‘online friend’ and a ‘stranger.’
  • Online Grooming – What is it and when/how does it occur?
  • Misuse of technology – legal consequences and the possible criminal charges. (What is cyberbullying and harassment?)
  • ‘Sexting’ – the taking and sending of explicit images…what are the REAL consequences and possible criminal charges.
  • Potential dangers and safety tips – how to assist the children in your care to stay safe online.
  • Be confident in setting rules and boundaries around internet use in the  home
  • Time for Questions.
Susan will have copies of her best-selling book, Sexts Texts and Selfies – How to keep your child safe in the digital space.” (Penguin Books) for sale on the night. $20 Cash only.

Proposed Start Times for 2018-2019

Below are the proposed start times for all of the Burlington Schools next year if we go to a later start time at Burlington High School.

As a reminder, we will hold community forums at the following times:

Community Forums:

Tuesday, October 3, 8:30 a.m. in the Francis Wyman Elementary School Auditorium

Tuesday, October 3, 7:00 p.m. in the Francis Wyman Elementary School Auditorium

Thursday, October 5, 8:30 a.m. in the Burlington High School Auditorium

Thursday, October 5, 7:00 p.m. in the Burlington High School Auditorium




SAVE THE DATE: October 21, 2017 – Our 2nd Annual Parent University



Burlington Public Schools is proud to host our 2nd Parent University on Saturday, October 21 at Burlington High School!  Parents of students grades PreK-12 will have the opportunity at this free event to attend workshops and interact with education and health professionals regarding a variety of topics related to your child’s learning and development.

Our keynote speaker will be Jon Mattleman, who will be sharing his “Secret Life of Teens” presentation.  “The Secret Lives of Teens” is a high-energy presentation that actively focuses on what teens are really thinking, what they fear, why they do not share more, and how adults can effectively support the teens in their lives. This presentation covers areas such as depression, suicide, ‘acting out’ behaviors, drug and alcohol use, and more. Parents of students k-12 will gain valuable insight into adolescent behaviors and the decision-making of our students. More information on Jon and his presentation can be found at

Additionally, to better serve our parents, BPS will be providing free childcare for this event (pending child registration).  Please keep an eye out for follow-up materials including the release of our updated website and event schedule.

Mark your calendar for October 21– more details to follow!    

First Day of School!!!

I love the first day of school. Today, students in grades 1 through 12 joined the rest of us to start their school year. As in the prior 10 years, my day started on a bus. This year I had the pleasure of riding with Bob Lisa. Bob has been driving for A&F for nine years. Bob’s rapport with the students and families along his routes was clearly evident. Thank you Bob!

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One of the interesting observations on the first day rides have been the contrast between the cool and subdued high school students and the energy and excitement of the elementary riders. This year was no different.

IMG_4452 (1)

One sure thing is that every parent waiting at the bus stop was smiling.

Thank you for sharing your children with us. We are all looking forward to a great school year.

Computer Science for ALL in MA Public Schools

Superintendents across Public School Districts in Massachusetts are working together to expand, an in some cases introduce, computer science as a foundational skill for all students.  Our efforts, through our state organization – The Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS) – do not mean we are attempting to limit creativity or forget other content, especially the arts.  What we believe is that contibuting citizens will require a general knowledge of computer science in order to be successful in 2018 and beyond.  We also believe that we are in a 50 state competition to create the skilled workforce needed to fill unfilled jobs and to drive the state’s knowledge-based economy.  

Massachusetts has already adopted Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards for districts to follow.  Even our skilled tradespeople will be working alongside robots needing programming. Local investment in expanding computer science education will only strengthen the Massachusetts Economy, bolster local revenues, and, most importantly, help children have better futures as adults.

Superintendents are not alone in our efforts.  Governor Baker with Secretary Peyser, the business community, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, MA Higher Education, and The MA Computer Attainment Network (MassCAN) are partnering with us.  All together we hope to make Massachusetts Public Schools the leader in computer science education in addition to maintaining our first-in-the-nation ranking on existing academic measures.