Burlington Superintendent's Blog

New District Operations Team

In the rush of preparing for a new school year, I have been remiss in introducing the District’s new operations team.  The reorganization was triggered by the retirement of our former Director, Craig Robinson.  Craig served the Burlington Community for over 20 years in different roles.  We are grateful for his service and wish him well in retirement.

It would be difficult to replace Craig’s experience and expertise in a single person so I decided to break up the responsibilities into areas of specialization – Town/School Technology, Finance, Facilities, Food Service, and Transportation.  Some of these areas of specialization already existed, but Facilities and Finance were added.

The new Director of Operations has begun overseeing Town/District Technology, Finances, Facilities, Food Service and Transportation.  The Director of Operations will continue to oversee the big picture and communicate with the School Committee, School District Employees, General Government, and the Community.  The specialized managers of Town/District Technology, Finance, Facilities, and Food Service will have the expertise and focus to be immersed in the day to day specifics of their respective areas of responsibility.  We contract out our regular education and special education transportation services.

I am excited to introduce Bob Cunha, our former Director of Town/School Technology as our New Director of Operations.  Bob has the experience, relationships, and communication ability to perform well in this new position.  Burlington is known for its outstanding technology.  Bob has been a big part of this success.  I am looking forward to him bringing this track record of success to our overall School District Operations.

In the coming months, Bob will be introducing his individual Team Managers, their backgrounds and responsibilities, and some operations staff members through a District Operations Blog.  While the learning side of the District is most important and tends to get all of the attention, our employees involved in operations are incredibly talented and dedicated.  They are all critical to our success.

Please follow our new District Operations Blog to get to know our talented staff and for any information and updates you may be interested in learning.