Assistant Superintendent Larkin to Lead NEASC Accreditation Visiting Team



Assistant Superintendent Patrick Larkin has accepted the role of chair of the visiting team to Medway High School. The NEASC decennial evaluation of Medway High School will take place from March 19-22.               

Founded in 1885, the New England Association is the oldest regional accreditation association in the country. The Association is a voluntary organization of approximately 2,000 public and independent schools, colleges and universities, and vocational, technical and career institutions.  Of these, approximately 630 public schools have been accredited through the Association’s Commission on Public Schools which assists individual schools to improve the quality of education through a process of evaluation and accreditation.

Mr. Larkin will lead the review of various educational components of the school and will assist in the preparation of the final report of the Medway High School Evaluation. Mr. Larkin, a former member of the NEASC’s Commission for Public Secondary Schools, will be serving on his 10th visiting team, his seventh as a team chair.


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