Mr. Marino’s Science Show Pilot

Mr. Marino’s Science Show Pilot provides a glimpse into his middle school classroom.  What a great example of engaged learning.   Thank you Mr. Marino.

Our emphasis continues to be on creating engaging instruction across all levels of the district.  Mr. Marino’s efforts well represent the efforts of all of our talented teachers.  The planning and preparation of creating engaging lessons and opportunities for personalized learning can often go unrecognized.  In other words, like all talented professionals, our teachers make this work seem effortless.

A teacher’s time with students is only a small part of the job.

One thought on “Mr. Marino’s Science Show Pilot

  1. Angela Fabrizio-Nota

    My daughter currently has Mr. Marino for both Homeroom and Science, and she thinks he’s great! From a parent perspective, I feel that he truly understands how to communicate with these kids and in turn gets through to them in the classroom. She often comes home excited to talk about a fun new “game” they played in Science, or tell me a funny anecdote he told in class. Anyone who can get my 14 yr. old excited about learning is doing something right! Big thank you’s to Mr. Marino, Burlington is luck to have him!!


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