Later Start Times Presentation

Attached is the later start times research by Dr. Judith Owens that was shared at the School Committee meeting last night (12/13).  The slides outline the growing body of research that supports moving high school start times to approximately 8:30.  We will be having conversations about this potential change for the fall of 2018.  According to Dr. Owens delaying the start of high school is more of a public health conversation than an achievement conversation – although there are positive impacts in both areas.

One possible option discussed at the School Committee meeting that does not add to our transportation costs is as follows:

BHS – 8:35 to 3:05 – currently, 7:30 to 2:00

MSMS – 7:25 to 1:45 – currently, 7:35 to 1:55

Memorial and Francis Wyman – 7:55 to 2:00 – currently, 8:10 to 2:15

Fox Hill and Pine Glen – 8:20 to 2:25 – currently, 8:35 to 2:40

I am sure that there are countless other options.  I simply wanted to share a sample schedule provided by our bus company that maintains our current level of buses and operating expense.

One thought on “Later Start Times Presentation

  1. barbaralheureuxL'Heureux

    Thank you for sharing this presentation. Has the School Committee discussed timing of this change? The research is to clear. Why wait? We can implement later start times by Fall 2017 if we prioritize it. What is the will of the board?


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