Snow Day or Delay

I thought it might be helpful to re-post information on the process regarding weather related school closings.  Please note that the original post was written in 2009.

Burlington Superintendent's Blog

I spoke with several parents this morning regarding the weather and the decision to have school with a two-hour delay.  Most folks are interested in whether there is a set criteria that I follow when winter weather threatens.  I believe there is more of a process than a set criteria. 

If not the night before, the process starts about 4:00 AM with a call to the Burlington DPW and our bus company.  Both groups have already been out driving or clearing the roads.  We discuss safety, sidewalks, commuters, school parking lots, main roads, side streets, and anything else related to safety. 

About 4:30 AM the calls between school districts start.  I typically speak with Billerica, Bedford, Woburn, and Winchester.  We tend to act together unless there is a storm front or a temperature variation between the towns.  This morning Billerica and Bedford canceled.  Woburn and Winchester were on two-hour delays.  The difficulty was attempting…

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