Dealing with the Heat This Week

With this week’s record temperatures, we are seeing the heat index increase with the return of extreme heat and humidity.  The warm weather is causing hot classrooms in our three elementary schools without air conditioning, but we continue to monitor the situation daily.

Schools are using the following preventative measures to deal with the heat:

  • turning on air handlers in the evening to bring in cooler nighttime air
  • opening windows at night to bring in some cooler nighttime air
  • keeping the window shades drawn and the level of lighting low during the day
  • using fans to circulate the air in classrooms and hallways
  • encouraging students to drink plenty of water during the day
  • accommodating for indoor recess for children if needed
  • taking advantage of areas in the schools that have air-conditioning or are cooler
  • monitoring the levels of physical activity in children and watching for signs of overheating
  • sending students to the nurse’s office if students become overheated

The Athletic Departments is also aware of heat-related issues, and coaches are making accommodations as needed.  Practices have been modified, water breaks are longer, and Athletic Trainers are watching athletes closely.

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