Spotlight On Excellence For Some Thoughtful Fifth Graders and Their Teachers

At last night’s School Committee Meeting, we had the pleasure of highlighting some wonderful work by Memorial fifth graders (Bella, Brooke, Arshiyah) and their teachers (Ms. Conceison and Ms. Beers) regarding their efforts to make sure that their school is an inclusive environment that recognizes the unique qualities of all students. We first heard about this great initiative back in March when Memorial Principal Deb Dressler shared  the story on her blog:

Two dedicated fifth graders had an inspirational idea to create more inclusion and expand our tolerance for difference.
Each week, students in Ms. Conceison class spend time getting to know students in the LABBB program. They worked together to create a short presentation  for the entire fifth grade to think about how to INCLUDE everyone no matter how they think, talk or walk.
All fifth grade students signed the puzzle pieces to symbolize their unity.
Thank you to Ms. Conceison and Ms. Beers for making the girls vision come to life!
We are proud to share this Spotlight on Excellence with the Burlington Community and thank the students and staff involved for reinforcing the inclusiveness that we strive for in all of our schools!

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