School Committee Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

The School Committee complete its six-week process to get through the details of the school budget.  The details of every school, department or cost center were reviewed.  In addition, each section of the budget was followed by a presentation by the district personnel responsible for the school, department or cost center to provide a context for the numbers.

The operating budget for FY2015 has a total increase of 4.25%.  The accommodated account increase has an increase of 2.09%.  The accommodated account increase is the lowest in the 11-year history of using this Town Account for out-of-district special education programs.  Combined, the operating budget and the accommodated budget show a 3.9% increase over the FY2014 budget.

The School Committee will have a public hearing on the FY2015 budget on April 8th.  The final budget will be presented to the full Ways and Means Committee on April 9th.

Burlington School Department FY 2015 Budget


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