Educator Evaluation: District Determined Measures (DDMs)

The new educator evaluation is a sea change in Massachusetts education policy.  The regulations are designed to be the primary focus of superintendents, principals, and teachers statewide.  As challenging as the logistics are to understand and to comply with, there are even great cultural changes that need to be fostered.

One such area of focus is the connection between student learning (or growth) and the performance level of educators.  The regulation requires that an educator’s evaluation be qualified as having a “high, middle, or low impact on student learning.”  These standards will be measured using district determined measures (DDMs).

The state regulation was not specific as to how these DDMs should be developed so the implementation was delayed a year.  This guidance documents; however, are beginning to be published.  While not light reading, we wanted to share this information to be transparent as well as to help explain how much time and energy the new educator evaluation will take to implement well.

We are committed to implementing the new regulation well in Burlington.

Technical Guide B Measuring Student Growth and Piloting DDMs

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