Superintendent Evaluation

Please take a few minutes to fill out the linked survey regarding my job performance this year.  All of the responses are anonymous.  The link will be open for the month of May.  At the end of the month all of the results will be compiled and provided to the school committee.  Individuals members can use your feedback as a part of my summative evaluation which is scheduled for the June 25th School Committee meeting.

Thank you

Evaluation Survey 2012-13 School Year

Prior Year Survey Results and Comments

Survey Results 2011-12 School Year (Password = EMC12)

Survey Results 2010-11 School Year (Password = EMC11)

Survey Results 2009-10 School Year (Password = EMC10)

Survey Results 2008-09 School Year (Password = EricM)

2 thoughts on “Superintendent Evaluation

  1. diane murphy

    how about the opportunity to evaluate our children’s principals, particularly at the elementary level? these principals.have a significant influence on our children on a daily basis, and it seems if a parent complains about an issue and the principal shares the sames views, then presto—-a new policy is immediately implemented….no other involvement (from opposing parents/faculty/students, etc) or viewpoints welcome…..


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