Two-Hour Delay In Burlington Tomorrow

Good Evening –

We hope that everyone has survived the storm with minimal damage. We have been in contact with the Burlington DPW and based on the current information that we are receiving, Burlington Public Schools will open with a two-hour delay tomorrow (Tuesday, October 30, 2012).  As always, please check local media outlets, this blog, and our district Twitter account for any changes in plans.


6 thoughts on “Two-Hour Delay In Burlington Tomorrow

    1. burlingtonps Post author

      Given the information that I have currently, yes. If the information changes, the decision may change. Thank you for your patience.

  1. Tom

    Was there a reason that phone calls were not made as in the winter? A couple of the TV channels did not show the delay. Thanks

    1. burlingtonps Post author

      The computer telephone calls were made. We are using a new service and have been experiencing some difficulties. We are working to fix them. There will continue to be telephone calls for school cancelations and delays. Eric Conti

    2. Tom

      Thanks. If you are tracking, we did not receive a call for neither Monday nor Tuesday. Also Fox25 did not have info about 2-hr delay.


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