Schools Closed, Monday, October 29th

At the request of the Governor, all Burlington Schools will be closed tomorrow, Monday, October 29th because of Hurricane Sandy.  We will re-evaluate the weather conditions tomorrow to determine the status for Tuesday, October 30th.

Thank you.  Eric Conti

5 thoughts on “Schools Closed, Monday, October 29th

  1. James McIninch

    In the past, we had received a notification by phone of school closings, but this time we did not. What is the policy regarding using that service to send out a school closing notification?

    1. burlingtonps Post author

      The computerized calls were sent. Please call my office to make sure that we have your correct contact information. Thank you. Eric Conti

      1. James McIninch

        We just revived the automated call (12:10 pm Monday, a day late), so I assume we’re on the list but the system is experiencing technical issues.

  2. Nishikant

    We did not receive the automated school closing telephone on Sunday . We have received it in the past so we know that our number is on the list. Our power is down so we do not have any TV to check news. Will this blog be updated about Tuesday school?


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