New Educator Evaluation Requirements

A component of the state’s successful Race to the Top (RTTT) application requires changes to the evaluation process for administrators and teachers.  The details of the regulations are evolving, but the time-line is clear.  The following links were provided to districts to help provide some clarity to the upcoming changes.

Evaluation Time-line

Support and Guidance Document

One thought on “New Educator Evaluation Requirements

  1. Dr. Judy Ann DeLucia

    Hi Eric,
    Great website. It is really impressive! I have recently formed a consulting company, Seaside Educational Consultants, and I would love to speak with you about what we have to offer both for leadership and teachers. Our philosophy is a bit different and we concentrate on a few areas.
    The areas include: Supervsion & Evaluation; CCSS implementation; Special Education and Building a Culture to use the Data for student improvement. That is the short version! Please let me know if you would be interested in discussing this further or who I might get in touch with. Thanks!
    Stay warm.
    Judy Ann DeLucia, Ed. D.
    Seaside Educational Consultants


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