Burlington Boil Water Update

The state DEP will lift the boil order after two clear tests in a 48 hour period.  We are still waiting for the results from the first water sample the Town submitted today.  If this sample tests clear of E. Coli and the second sample tests clear tomorrow, the boil order should be lifted sometime Thursday.  We will continue with the boil water procedures until we hear about the second test directly from the Burlington DPW.

What are we doing?

The custodians covered or blocked off all of the water fountains and sinks in each school.  Students and staff have access to hand sanitizer stations.

We received about 400 cases of bottled and additional 5-gallon jugs of water.  Half of this water was delivered to each school.  More will be delivered tomorrow, if needed.

2 thoughts on “Burlington Boil Water Update

  1. Jack

    You also need to update your website since we already got a ‘phone call’ from the Town of Burlington telling us the boil-water is over and it is safe to drink the water after flushing the faucets. Just in case you missed it!


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