Elementary Transportation

Every start of school brings adjustments to transportation. With many new routes. the need for us to evaluate the elementary transportation schedules is clear. We are waiting for several days of driving and the addition of the kindergarten students before we work with the bus company to correct any areas that need adjustment. We are also working with the Town to examine the impact of major road construction work that is currently underway.

There is rarely a simple fix because every change creates an impact across the entire schedule. Because of this cascade, we are waiting until the end of the week to gather information. We will be sitting with elementary principals and the bus company to make adjustments at the beginning of next week.

We are aware that there are issues. I appreciate everyone’s patience as we make the new elementary school routes work.

One thought on “Elementary Transportation

  1. Adrian Goneau

    Thank you for addressing this. I have a kindergartener and a fourth grade student at Francis Wyman who ride bus 11 and the bus has been late by between 10 and 15 minutes everyday. This has caused them to be late for school and miss morning announcements everyday. I don’t think this is a great way for young kids to start their day…being rushed into school and missing that precious few moments they have to get settled and say hello to their friends. Not to mention that I have been late for work everyday.

    Please do whatever you can do resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

    Thank you!


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