Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative

The last week in June at Burlington High School provided a glimpse into the future of curriculum development.  About 80 teachers from across the region worked together to transition from the textbook age to the mobile device age – the MA Digital Publication Collaborative.  While the objective was to have teachers leave the four days with an e-publication, the reflections of Andy Marcinek in Edutopia indicate that there was much more accomplished.

As noted in the article, Bedford superintendent, Dr. Maureen LaCroix, and Andover superintendent, Dr. Marinel McGrath were co-leaders of this effort.  We look forward to creating more opportunities and time for teachers to work across district boundaries.  Bedford and Andover are great partners for us as we all begin the journey toward a 1 to 1 environment. 

A special thank you to Paul Facteau from Apple and Dennis Villano, Andrew Marcinek, Dan Callahan, and Tim Calvin from Burlington.  All collaborated to ensure that the week went smoothly.  A final thank you to MA Commissioner of Education, Mitchell Chester, who made time to visit and to speak with teachers about their ground-breaking work.

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