Marshall Simonds’ Project Images

I was asked to post some pictures of the MSMS renovation project.  The conceptual images are of the new front of the building facing Winn Street and the overall project.

One thought on “Marshall Simonds’ Project Images

  1. mother of three

    I love that the MSMS is getting a much needed upgrade, however, during the process I have a few concerns. MCAS are important and there is a need to halt construction during these exams, however, each and every exam that students take is much more important to student learning than MCAS. Please consider finding swing space where classes (especially those on the construction side of the building) can go to take an exam in a better environment. Also earplugs should be available to students and teachers for focused reading or other work that does not require them to listen to the teacher. Why is a staff member, who should be prepping for classes, spending two hours a day directing traffic. This should be someone else and included in cost of construction. The cafetaria, I hope serious vision is being used to create a cafe of the future….with accommodations for green technology (composting; appropriate levels of recycling;) and new eating habits of our up and coming students who may be more inclined to eat more healthily than current middle schoolers….


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