FY2012 Warrant Articles

The School Committee reduced their warrant articles for consideration by Town Meeting from 11 to 6.  The reduction brought the total request under the $700,000 limit placed on the district by the Town’s Financial Team.  These projects have yet to be considered by the Ways and Means Committee and the Capital Budget Committee.  These votes will be prior to the May 9th Town Meeting.

The FY2012  Warrant Articles are as follows:

  1. Elementary Technology – $250,000
  2. Burlington High School Bathroom Renovations – $80,000
  3. Fox Hill Bathroom Renovations – $80,000
  4. Francis Wyman Library AC Installation – $53,200
  5. Pine Glen School Front Entrance Canopy Replacement – $108,500
  6. Burlington High School Practice Field Drainage – $106,000

The total for the six projects is $677,700 and the back up is attached – Warrant Articles May 2011 (FY 2012).

The withdrawn Articles are as follows:

  1. System-wide Parking Lot Paving – $500,000
  2. Fox Hill Floor Replacement – $111,600
  3. BHS Administrative Area Renovations – $85,000
  4. BHS Kitchen Floor Replacement – $60,000
  5. BHS Rubber Gym Painting – $40,000

As is typical every year, the district proposed a non-capital warrant for community custodial services on behalf of many Town organizations.  The community custodial services warrant is $33,000 and the detail is included in the warrant backup information attached above.

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