FY2012 Budget Conversations Begin

We have begun the FY2012 budget presentations to the school committee.  At the March 8th meeting budgets for the high school, middle school, and athletics were discussed in detail.  Please note that at this point the budget is only a proposal that reflects the needs of each school and department.  We will not have an official district budget until the school committee votes on the entire budget after a public hearing on April 12th.  We will not have a funded school budget until Town Meeting votes at the May meeting.

As mentioned in a prior post, the guideline provided by the Ways and Means committee for the operating budget next year is a 3% increase over the FY2011 budget.  There is an additional 1% increase dedicated to opening the new Memorial School.  This portion of the budget will be presented separately in this year’s budget, but will be rolled into the overall operating budget in future years.

The attached PDF is a summary of the FY2012 operating budget not including the additional operating funds needed to open Memorial School.  The additional funds are needed because of the increased size of the new building – more space to heat and clean.  In addition, there will be several teaching positions needed to deliver programs depending on the grade configurations at each school.

FY 2012 Budget Summary

FY 2012 Division Totals

2 thoughts on “FY2012 Budget Conversations Begin

  1. motherofthree

    Thanks for posting. Can you provide a breakout of the budgets for the high school and then for the middle school? I’m interested in seeing how much discretionary money each of the principal’s has access to at the high school and middle school. Thanks!

    1. burlingtonps Post author

      The link to all of the separate budget areas have been added to the post. Thank you for your comment. Eric Conti


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