3 thoughts on “Apps in the classroom – The Boston Globe

  1. motherofthree

    Thanks for posting. Could you have one of the tech guys address the issues raised in the paragraph “Both publishers — Pearson and Houghton Mifflin — have already discovered that the iPad has shortcomings as an educational device. iPads are expensive ($499 retail for the least expensive unit); they are fragile, with glass screens; and Apple doesn’t support Adobe’s multimedia Flash product, a format that many educational publishers have been using for years.” I’m less concerned about price; fragility etc but very concerned about the fact that it doesnt support Adobe’s multimedia Flash product. Thanks!

  2. Patrick Larkin

    I think it is important that we do not become reliant on Flash or any other lone tool. There are more and more options each day in the area of tech. tools that can duplicate and do more than something that was already in place.

    There will be options available to view video on the iPad. Here is an article on the topic http://gigaom.com/video/ipad-no-flash-video-no-problem-therell-be-apps-for-that/

    Finally, it is important to remember that there is no perfect device. In weighing our options, we feel that the iPad is the best solution for going 1:1 for the next 2-3 years. It is an ongoing conversation in a world where there are a growing number of devices that will allow us to create classrooms with more engagement, collaboration, and opportunities for our students to create.

  3. Dennis Villano (MSMS Media Specialist)

    We have been using iPads all year at MSMS and so far the lack of Adobe Flash has not been an issue at all. While there are some educational sites that require Flash, most sites are transitioning to HTML5 and other standards for displaying content that once required Flash. Most of the best web based products and all iPad educational Apps do not require Flash. So far, the device has been incredibly successful in the classroom.


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