What Keeps Superintendents Up at Night?

The result of a presentation and panel discussion at the Tech & Learning Forum in New York this fall.  There were several districts, namely Greenwich and Scarsdale, that have well established one-to-one high schools.  The student results of these two districts were impressive.

Both Patrick and I left the Forum feeling a sense of urgency in regards to creating a 21st century learning environment for our students.

What Keeps Superintendents Up at Night?.

2 thoughts on “What Keeps Superintendents Up at Night?

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  2. Gerald Beuchelt

    Along those lines, you might want to review a recent study by Karpicke at Purdue:


    Purdue commented as follows:


    Bottom line is that practicing information retrieval (i.e. memorizing) seems to be much more effective than elaborate study techniques – for both, short term and long term learning.

    While not strictly technology related, leveraging this research across all Burlington schools might help answering some of our system’s problems.


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