Great Class Video

The embedded video was part of a larger blog post on integrating technology and learning. Clearly the kids demonstrate that technology and learning can be synonymous.

3 thoughts on “Great Class Video

  1. John Papadonis

    This highlights an interesting perspective that I have with regard to Science Education and Technology. Although, I may be in the minority with this philosophy, I have some rather strong thoughts as to the “best practices” use of technology in the classroom.

    As educators, I think we need to be cautious of using technology for the sake of technology. From the science education perspective, it is important that we utilize technology as a “tool” in instruction. I often times am fearful of younger teachers attempting to replace the idea of hands-on science activities with a “computer model replacement”. Yes, the technology can make the recording and interpretation of data easier and faster. But, it should not be used to replace real hands-on science.

    Let me share with you a relevant example…Several years ago (my 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s generation), elementary, middle and high school students were taught to build electronic circuits from scratch. They were taught the function of power supplies, resistors, capacitors and radio frequency coils. This provided students with a clear science understanding of how electronic equipment functioned. Today, we hand our youngsters “black boxes” filled with Integrated circuit chips that they can rarely ever see, let alone understand. As a result, we send our “engineering” science students” off to college with a lack of basic electronic knowledge.

    In short, my fear is that we need to keep in mind that yes…we need to have our students technologically literate, but also don’t let the “black box” technology get in the way of real science learning.

    Just an “old school” teacher thinking out loud.

    John Papadonis
    Burlington Science Center

  2. Anonymous

    Technology is one way to engage the brain, and it is important for twenty-first century schools. However, it is just one piece of the puzzle.


    Keeping up with the times is reflected in this creative video. Bravo for the exciting way of engaging the students in educating the whole person


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