Middle School Renovation Time Line

I’ve been getting several questions about the middle school renovation time line.  I will attempt to summarize where we are in the process and where we are headed.

  • The district with Town Meeting approval contracted with KBA to design a middle school addition and renovation in 2002
  • We filed a Statement of Interest in regards to the middle school project with the MA School Building Authority (MSBA) in June (2009)
  • The MSBA extended an invitation to Burlington to enter into their schematic design process (Winter 2009)
  • The School Committee formed and charged the MSMS Building Committee (May 2010)
  • Town Meeting appropriated the Funds (May 2010)
  • District met with the MSBA Facilities Planning Sub-committee (May 2010)
  • MSBA preliminary scope and budget meeting (May 2010)
  • Preparation of MSBA Board Meeting packet (May 2010)
  • Anticipating invitation to May 26 MSBA Board Meeting
  • Anticipating preliminary scope and budget agreement (PSBA) as a result of the May 26 MSBA Board Meeting
  • Final project funding agreement (PFA) later in the process

Procurement Options

Chapter 149: Design, Bid, Build

  • Existing design updated to reflect new building codes
  • Bid in November/December 2010
  • Building initiated in February 2011

Chapter 149A: Construction Management at Risk

  • Selection of General Contractor in October 2010
  • Design updates and building initiated in November of 2010

Project Completion schedule for Fall of 2012

Latest Plan Updates:

MSMS Burlington, Ground Floor Plan, 5.18.10

MSMS Burlington, First Floor Plan, 5.18.10

MSMS Burlington, Second Floor Plan, 5.18.10

We will be setting up a blog to post the middle school building committee minutes and project updates similar to the Memorial School project.

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