School Committee Budget FY2011

The school committee approved the FY2011 budget on Tuesday night.  This budget was then presented to the Ways and Means Committee last night.  The Ways and Means will be voting on all budgets at an upcoming meeting.  Warrant articles will be a separate presentation.

FY2011 specifics:

Total FY2011 Budget: $37,181,978

Salary Portion: $31,172,965

Non-salary: $6,009,013

Town Side of Special Education Budget: $6,835,413

The total school side budget represents a 2.75% increase over the FY2010 budget (our current budget).  There is still a $345,000 shortfall between our new budget and our projected salary account.  We will be reconciling this amount in the coming weeks either through a BEA staff reduction or a BEA salary concession.

The school committee also narrowed the list of warrants down to $735,000 plus the middle school renovation (a bonded warrant).  We are slightly over the $700,000 guideline provided to us from the town.  I will be providing back up information on each warrant, including the middle school renovation, in the coming weeks.  The school committee may reshuffle some of the projects depending on the Varsity Field bids which are being opened this afternoon and tomorrow.

Early estimates of the middle school renovation project are about $33 million with the town’s share estimated at $10.5 million.  This $10.5 million project (town cost) currently has the support of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) and will result in a fully renovated, larger building (eight additional classrooms including science labs and an administrative area), and up to date technology.  Ultimately, this project will have Marshall Simonds ready for another 40 to 50 years of service to the community…more details to follow.

3 thoughts on “School Committee Budget FY2011

  1. mother of three

    Can you help me understand how the School Committee can dictate where you cut the shortfall? Seems to me, that’s shortsighted and misguided…. I’d rather retain the human capital, experience, and professionalism than let go of some material items… I know that it takes alot more effort to find these material items (low hanging fruit)to cut than to wipe out six positions (it’s six teaching staff correct? or is it nine?)….And can you help me understand how, when I asked a member of the BEA if they were aware of the request to save 6 teaching positions if everyone gave up two paid professional days, they weren’t aware of this….. I know the parents haven’t been very engaged in this budget process, but do the teachers even realize they could lose six of their own?

    1. burlingtonps Post author

      The budget that goes to Town Meeting is a School Committee budget. By state law, the School Committee has final say in the budgeting and spending associated with the school district. The reductions we are making need to be sustained for the next few years which is why reducing salary is not short-sighted in my opinion. I cannot help you better understand the communication at the BEA. The BEA is a private organization and is responsible for communicating with its membership. Eric Conti

      1. mother of three

        Thank you for the information. It helps, I had not realized the cuts need to be sustained for the next few years.

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