FY2011 Budget Update

Last night the school committee made progress on closing the $900,000 gap between the proposed FY2011 budget and the guideline budget.

The reductions are as follows:

Projected retirements with restrictions on the experience of replacement hires – $250,000

Elementary Italian Program – $150,000

Custodial Position – $43,000

Clerical Position – $34,000

Moving from Contracted to In-house Trades – $18,000

The subtotal for these reductions/changes is $495,000 leaving a balance of $405,000.

The proposed positions in the FY2011 budget stem from growth in enrollment (grade 5 FW), student need (ESL and 0.5 Reading), or restoring a lost position from last year (guidance FH).  As in the past, the school asked that these needs, driven by uncontrollable factors, be considered outside of the established guideline.  This past practice pushed the proposed FY2011 budget up to 2.75% from 2.5% (or roughly $85,000) – leaving $320,000 to reduce. 

The school committee charged the administration to find the remaining $320,000 reductions from salary.  This solution was recommended because other non-salary lines have been level funded the last two years and we want the reductions to be sustainable into FY2012.  Every indication from the Ways and Means Committee is that annual guidelines will continue to be about half of where they have been set the last ten years.

We will be working over the next week to identify different ways of reducing salaries by $320,000.  Obviously the options will come down to a salary concession or positions.  The public hearing on the school budget will be on Tuesday, April 13, at 7:30 PM in the school committee room.

2 thoughts on “FY2011 Budget Update

  1. momofthree

    Thanks for posting this to website. First, how can we, as parents, help. How many positions could it possibly represent versus average % of salary concessions? When decisions about layoffs need to be made, if that is the alternative, is it always last in first out because of union guidelines or are there other alternatives? And a question about textbooks, does the reduction represent a decision to not replace worn textbooks or does it represent a decision to replace all textbooks with another medium (CDs?)? thanks.

    1. burlingtonps Post author

      How many positions? Worst case is eleven and a half, but there are retirements so many could be re-assigned. We would try to keep as many people employed as possible. The remaining budget shortfall of $320,000 equates to about 1% of salary. In the first three years of a teacher’s employment, the process does not have to be seniority driven. The reductions in the custodial position and secretary position will be done using seniority or attrition. We level funded the non-salary lines in the budget the last two years. We have resources for textbooks; however, we are also trying to expand the use of other materials and technologies. This transition will take place over time. For instance, the high school English department publishes their own texts. Thank you. Eric Conti


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