Burlington PTO Sponsored Event

The Burlington PTO is sponsoring a free event at the Marshall Simonds Middle School Auditorium on Wednesday, March 24th from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.

“Unplugging Your Child: Raising Healthy Children in the Information Age”

A summary of the evening’s discussion from the Burlington PTO:

Meghan Gardner speaks about how to get our children and teens “unplugged” from computers and texting long enough to experience the rest of life surrounding them.  This free talk is open to parents of all school-aged children.

Meghan will discuss why the internet, social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc), online gaming (World of Warcraft, etc), and texting hold such allure for human beings and kids in particular. She will help you understand the role these tools have and the impact they have on society.  Then she will provide parents with important tips and ideas on how to raise our children in an “Instant Information Age” so that they learn how to balance technology with the rest of their lives.  Most importantly, Meghan will cover the vital ingredients to “unplugged activities” that kids and teens need to be able to step away from their online games.  You will learn why many modern sports and hobbies fall short when competing with online games for a kid’s interest – and how these activities can change to inspire and grow that same passion.

Meghan Gardner is CEO of Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship, the largest swordsmanship school in North America.  Guard Up! has a majority client base of technology savvy kids, teens and adults.  Her expertise comes from years of research and the assistance of professionals in child development – as well as being a mom of a preteen and a teen who are avid fans of online activities.

Please contact your respective school’s PTO if you have specific questions about the evening’s event.

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