“Unofficial” State Champions

The Burlington High School wrestling team had a tremendous performance at the combined state tournament this past weekend.  The MIAA organizes the state into divisions, each division with an individual state tournament.  Last weekend all individual qualifiers from each division meet in a combined state tournament.  Essentially, this last tournament consists of the best wrestlers across all schools in Massachusetts.

Burlington had two all division champions – Jake and Matt Sherman – a second place – Kevin Barrucci – and a third place – Alex Giampapa.  Moreover, Burlington earned the most team points in the combined tournament. 

Unlike in the separate state division tournaments, no combined division team tournament winner is identified.  In other words, Burlington placed second as a team in the division II team standings, but unofficially placed first when all of the individual qualifiers from all divisions competed.

Congratulations to Burlington Coaches and Wrestlers – The unofficial Massachusetts Combined State Tournament Champion.

Our neighbor, Shawsheen Tech, placed second in the overall team standings at the combined state tournament.   Congratulations to Shawsheen as well.

For more details, please connect to the BHS Blog.

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