Google Proof Questions

There are many interesting ideas shared in my PLN (Personal Learning Network).  One such idea aligns well with one of our district initiatives – Learning Walks.

The Administrative Council trained in Learning Walks this summer.  Learning Walks are essentially where the administrators and teachers sample the learning experience by observing students in their classes.  The walks are an important part of our Administrative Council meetings.

One focus area of the district is the level of engagement demonstrated by students.  The thinking is that effective instructional techniques – like personal choice, or a sense of audience – help to heighten engagement.  Another related focus area is the Bloom’s Taxonomy level of the lesson.  Lower level Blooms lessons tend to require and result in less student engagement.  The opposite tends to be true – higher level Blooms, higher engagement.

The following post expands on this concept.  In the age of Google, can we Google proof lessons and heighten student engagement by elevating the Blooms level of the questions we ask?

Google Proof Questions

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