A New Computer via Virtual Computing

Everyone in Burlington Public Schools is getting a new computer. 

What constitutes a new computer?  Is it the monitor and processor sitting on your desk or is it the applications, files, emails, pictures, and videos that you have created?  

Forget about the box on or under your desk.   Partnering with Stoneware, the district’s new cloud computing environment – BLINK – has the capacity to provide every employee and student with a new computer.  Moreover, access to this computer can occur at anytime from anyplace there is internet access.

While laptops are portable, virtual machines are universal.  We are migrating from providing individuals with separately functioning computers to providing individuals with a secure space within a commonly functioning network.  This collaborative enviroment is what our students will find as they enter college or the workplace.  It is paramount that we create this environment for our students and teachers so that these new skills are taught and learned now.

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