Special Elections and Snow

I realize that the traffic at the high school today was problematic.  We created this year’s calendar last January. We did not predict this special election, the level of voter turn-out, or the weather.  I did speak with several folks who asked why the high school students were in school.  Today was an exam day.  The day for high school students ended at 10:00 AM.  We thought this abbreviated day would leave the high school population greatly reduced for the election.  We did have the LABBB programs and our pre-school running all day at the rear of the high school building.  

Next year’s calendar – August 2010 to June 2011 – is presently under consideration.  We are scheduling next year’s November election day as a teacher professional development day.  If approved, this designation will mean no school for students.  If the weather cooperates, then next year’s election day logistics should be less congested.

Thank you for your patience today if you came to the high school to vote.

2 thoughts on “Special Elections and Snow

  1. Vanessa Ovian

    Thank you for addressing this so soon. Although it was frustrating this morning getting my son to school for the exams (it took us 35 minutes to come up Cambridge Street and we were late) it was well worth it to see what excitement and citizenship this election has brought. I was back to vote midday and was absolutely astounded and the steady stream of voters of all ages who came out on this day to take part in this historic election. Thanks again.

  2. April Healey

    What a great voting turnout yesterday! Although the traffic around the high school was congested, at the end of the day there had been no mishaps to my knowledge, and the students were all able to attend their exams and then get home safely. The snow certainly added another unpredictable element to the situation.

    Thanks to Craig Robinson at BHS for allowing the buses to make a quick change at pickup time and have the students get on their buses at the front circle. This helped the traffic flow around the back of the building. Thank you also to the officers of the BPD who assisted in directing the cars and buses.


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