Student Engagement

The three areas of focus in the district this year continue to be instruction, technology, and communication.  A key indicator of effective instruction is student engagement.  The administrative council and teachers have been working to define and recognize student engagement as we visit schools every month.

Marshall Simonds has provided another avenue for this work using technology that is exciting.  Please check out Mr. Connor’s latest post on the middle school blog –

Student engagement is not an accident.  Engagement is a result of teacher effort and relevant instruction.  Thank you to the middle school teachers who provided us all with a glimpse of what they work to accomplish every day.  We are lucky to have such great teachers in Burlington.

One thought on “Student Engagement

  1. Jan Plourde

    Your blog is great. It is impressive to see Burlington Schools as a leader in the field of technology and education. FYI. Burlington Public Schools Kindergarten teacher Amy Percoskie is presenting a workshop at The Learning Tree Store, Stoneham on Saturday, 1/29.
    Starting this Saturday, there are 4 workshops at The Learning Tree Store, Danvers using social media for diferentiated instruction, test prep, homework and using Skype for elementary for details. Please share.


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