The Real School of Music

I continue to be impressed with the community resources available in Burlington.  The Real School of Music is another partner to add to this group.   

Performance Stage


I had the opportunity to tour the school with Thomas Byrne, the Chairman and CEO of the school.  Tom could not have been more attuned to helping the Burlington Public Schools succeed.  

Individual Practice Rooms


The Real School of Music was started in September of 2008.  They serve many Burlington children at present.  Tom and I discussed possible ways for the Real School and the public schools to collaborate to the benefit of students.  The mission of the Real School of Music is:  

To promote the joys and benefits of learning to play and create music, while enriching society at large by restoring music as an elemental part of our cultural expression.    

Ensemble Practice Rooms and Recording Studio


Our music teachers will be visiting the school as a part of their professional development day on Monday.  I look forward to hearing about the noteworthy ideas that come from this meeting.  

Future Rockers and Their Teacher


For more information about The Real School of Music go to

One thought on “The Real School of Music

  1. MomOfJTE

    Two out of my three take lessons at the Real School. It is a great place to learn music and hang with friends with common interests. I highly recommend it and welcome a joint venture with Burlington Schools!!!!


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