Congratulations Mr. Papadonis!

Burlington Science Coordinator extraordinaire, John Papadonis, has been selected as a new member of the Massachusetts Hall of Fame for Science Teachers. 

John Papadonis

This recognition culminates 38 years of public service to the students and families of Burlington.  To achieve recognition in any professional Hall of Fame takes a career of exceptional dedication and performance.  Mr. Papadonis exemplifies both qualities and sets a high standard for us all.

5 thoughts on “Congratulations Mr. Papadonis!

  1. MomofJTE

    He definitely gives all he has to education. The science program in Burlington has always been awesome and I am happy to see our “hidden gem” has been recognized!! Congratulations, Mr. Papadonis!!!!

  2. Patrick Larkin

    Mr. Pap,

    I am glad that people at the state level have realized what people in Burlington have known for years. You have allowed the students of Burlington to engage in science and interact with science in an active manner that is quite uncommon in many districts.

    Thanks and Congrats!

  3. Kevin Russell


    Congratulations on a very expected honor. You deserve the recognition for all of the work and commitment you have given to the children of Burlington. I have seen your work first hand, second hand through my children, and even behind the scenes in the after hours of the school day. I also have a basis for comparison with students of the same grade level in other school districts and I can tell you that Burlington High School Science would not be the same without you. You are a real professional.


  4. mrchiocca

    Kudos Mr. Papadonis! We’re fortunate to have you. Thanks for bringing your energy and passion for Science to the boys and girls of Burlington. Congratulations!

    Mr. Chiocca
    ESL Teacher, grades 6-12
    Burlington High School
    Marshall Simonds Middle School


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