Making Freedom: Teaching American History Grant

The following excerpt is from the program overview in the grant summary.  The video clip is from the kick-off event at the Lexington Depot.

Making Freedom: Evolution and Revolution in the Realization of an American Ideal is a three-year, $979,475 Teaching American History (TAH) grant through the United States Department of Education.  This award will enable five partnering public school districts – Burlington, Bedford, Lexington, Woburn, and Somerville – to appreciably strengthen their programs to teach traditional American history as a separate academic subject in grade three to five and eight to eleven.  Program participants will use primary sources to explore multiple perspectives on freedom during major historical events and turning points in American history during pre-Colonial, Colonial, Revolutionary, Antebellum, Civil War, Postbellum, Reconstruction and Gilded Age, and 20th Century periods.  Teachers will examine how the words and deeds of individuals have determined the course of our nation and how the principles of freedom and democracy articulated in the founding documents of this nation have shaped America’s struggles, achievements, and its social, political, and legal institutions and relations.


This video doesn’t exist

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