The Future of Email

I just read Patrick Larkin’s tweet about the impact of a new Google Application on classroom instruction.  Google Wave is what email would be like if it were developed today. 

Once we have our technology foundation in place, we can forget technology and start talking about applications and collaboration.  New, open source products like Google Wave will be a regular part of our students’ lives.

An intro to Google Wave:


One thought on “The Future of Email

  1. Gerald Beuchelt

    Opinion divide on the value of the Wave paradigm: Robert Scoble (a true geek’s geek) has one word for it: unproductivity (see It may be that Wave will have some use down the road, but I would go with Scoble (and others) there is really not clear “killer app”, and email is the completely wrong metaphor.

    On the other side, maybe some Burlington student has a great idea, and will teach us all how Wave could be used more productively… 😉


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