Intramurals Start at Marshall Simonds

The Marshall Simonds Middles School re-started an intramural program on Wednesday afternoon.  Over 100 middle school students participated in three sports – Girls Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, and Wrestling.



Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee



Thank you to Principal Connors, Neil Lusas, and Ed Gillis for bringing back the intramural program.  These afterschool activities are another avenue to connect students to school.  Establishing these connections is a critical component of improving student achievement.  Most importantly, there were 100 middle school students safe, joyful, and active.

One thought on “Intramurals Start at Marshall Simonds

  1. patricia

    I am very excited about the re-introduction of intramural sports at the middle school level! It’s a great opportunity to keep our youth “moving”; introduce them to sports that they might not otherwise have tried; and create new communities of students who cross grade levels. I hope the fall proves successful and that there’s the possibility of the expansion of fall options and the introduction of winter and spring intramural sports in the future! Thanks so much to all involved in making this happen. I know it’s extra effort for everyone.


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