Faculty and Staff Yoga to Begin in October

Relax and Renew with a Free Gentle Yoga Class

Every Thursday 4 – 5:15pm


Discover how good you are supposed feel. Relax and renew with a free Gentle Yoga class every Thursday at the High School Dance Studio. 

Lower your stress levels and create a sense of well-being and calm. 

In this class there is no pushing to reach perfection — just releasing and releasing again into the perfection that is already there within you.  This focus of this class is on unleashing your personal energy and learning how to listen to your body and find your own inner wisdom.

Although there are countless physical benefits to yoga, real yoga is not about bending yourself into a pretzel or standing on your head.  An authentic yoga practice brings you in touch with yourself.  It creates a mind-body union with benefits that follow you off of the mat and into your daily life.

This class will explore proper posture, breathing techniques, and gentle stretching movements of nearly every muscle in your body through a very gentle flow.  Each class begins with a calm centering to help you transition from your day in the classroom and ends with a complete mind/body relaxation that will leave you refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Soothe and strengthen your back, increase your flexibility, calm your nerves, uplift your mood and ease off into blissful night of sleep.

This yoga class is for anyone!  Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing yoga for years and want to take a brake rather than break a sweat.

For more information on the class or on yoga in general contact Irene at tortolini@burlington.mec.edu

Below is a short video from one of my favorite teachers who beautifully answers the question of “What is yoga?”


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