Varsity Field Renovation Update

The school committee voted to approve the selection committee’s choice of Stantec Planning & Landscape as the architect and project manager for the Varsity Field renovation.  The principal, Patrick Maguire, who will work with Burlington is formerly of Gellar Sports.  Gellar is the firm that completed the initial track renovation.  Mr. Maguire knows the existing facility well.

Several of the projects listed in the reference pages of the Stantec proposal were as follows:

Mount Holyoke Track and Field Renovation

Connecticut College – Silfen Field Renovation Phases I and II

Belmont High School Track and Field

Westfield State College Alumni Field Renovation

Woburn High School Athletic Complex

Castleton State College New Stadium

Assumption College New Stadium Planning

The next steps are for the district to enter in a contract.  Once signed, an established community committee, charged by the school committee and under the leadership of high school principal Patrick Larkin, will begin the design phase of the project.

Patrick Larkin will work with the committee to determine the best way to provide project updates so that everyone can stay informed of progress and the time line to completion.

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