District MCAS Results

Although the district has had preliminary scores for a few weeks, the state released the official 2009 MCAS results yesterday.  We are distributing the boxes of individual test scores to schools.  The scores will all be mailed on Monday, September 21st.

I will present a detailed look at district MCAS performance at one of the October School Committee meetings.  The particular date is dependent on the rest of the agenda for the evening’s meeting. 

At first glance, the district’s performance has been remarkably consistent over the last three years.  There are areas of improvement and areas where our scores have declined slightly. 

There is a saying that all organizations are well designed for the results that they get.  School districts are no different.  Our performance, as measured by MCAS, is good.  These grade-level assessments; however, are not good measures of instructional quality.

MCAS does not measure student achievement growth.  As a district, I am most interested in growth.  In the next few years the state will be moving to more of a growth model and away from the present model of year-end student assessment.  We are also adding some growth measures of our own.  I am excited for these changes because student growth is most dependent on quality instruction.  Burlington has incredible teachers and I know that the best measure of district, school, and classroom quality is in the growth that students experience year to year.

2009 District MCAS: Summary Slides

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