Elementary Universal Screening this Week

Burlington elementary students are being screened this week in reading using a new assessment called DORA – The Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment.  We are planning on using DORA scores for several purposes.

DORA performance will provide us with a baseline.  We plan on administering DORA again in January and at the end of the year – kindergarten students in January and year’s end.  Unlike MCAS testing, DORA performance will allow us to have growth conversations.  MCAS is not a growth measure.

DORA will also help us to create the optimal learning environment for students in reading.  We should be able to better understand a student’s weakness or strength so that we can intervene or extend their learning in this area.

As this is our first attempt at screening all students using a web-based program, we will have some challenges.  We hope to meet these challenges and ultimately to make student results available to parents.  Please understand that it may take us several weeks to work through the initial reports. 

Please contact your respective elementary school principal if you would like more specific information.

One thought on “Elementary Universal Screening this Week

  1. Gerald Beuchelt

    Thank you for starting to anonymize the students’ accounts! Going forward it is vitally important to me that the personally identifiable information (PII) of our children is protected at all times. My firm belief is that the best way to protect PII is to not release it. As such I hope that it is policy to never release or store any student PII on 3rd party IT systems.


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