Daniel Pink on TED.com

The administrators read Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind last year as a starting point for conversations on 21st century skills and other topics.  This presentation by Daniel Pink on TED.com is focused on motivation in the 21st century. 

Interestingly, there are commonalities to what research tells us motivates men and women in the businesss world and students.  What Pink refers to as “autonomy” in a business setting, we refer to as “personal response” in education.  Like individuals involved in business, students who are provided opportunities for personal response are more engaged.  “Engagement” (and the resulting benefits of high levels of engagement) is a shared concept in business and education.


2 thoughts on “Daniel Pink on TED.com

    1. Irene

      This is great! I agree that it would shoot down the arguments for merit pay. I also think that it supports the view that teachers need more autonomy and less “scripted” programs. Creative teachers help grow creative students.


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