Opening Faculty and Parent Letters

This year we are not mailing any of the opening letters home.  Instead, we will be posting this information on the blog.  We will have a few printed copies available, if needed.

When making changes, it is always important to explain the “why.”  We are attempting to save on time and postage.  In addition, the electronic format will allow us to provide more in-depth information.

We will send out a district-wide email next week when the letters are posted.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Opening Faculty and Parent Letters

  1. patricia

    that’s wonderful. i couldn’t be happier. I ran the math last year on the cost of sending items home for one mailing for the middle school and couldn’t believe how much money it was! I think it’s great to be saving money in that way and offering a paper alternative if folks don’t have access to computer. Will you be sending a district-wide email everytime a new item gets posted to the blog?

    1. burlingtonps Post author

      Patricia, I will send an email directing folks to the blog for any pressing or timely information. Obviously, there will still be a place for letters. I hope we change our collective habit from expecting a letter to checking the website, email, or blog. I know it will just take some time. Best, Eric Conti


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