Attempting a New Widget

I have found blogging this year to be similar to learning a language.  Three new vocabulary words I am attempting to incorporate into my regular blog conversations are widget, twitter, and tweet.

There is a new widget on the blog sidebar labeled twitter.  I hope to be incorporating tweets onto the blog.  My understanding (clearly limited) is that one will need to have flash on their computers to view the messages (or tweets) on the twitter widget.

A tweet is a limited character message on twitter that is supposed to be in real time.  I could tweet that I am in the cafeteria having lunch or that there is a fire drill in progress at a particular school.  My understanding is that someone could tweet back, also in real time.

One twitter application that I read about was real time twitter travel guides.  For instance, you can sign on to a twitter in a city.  You could read tweets of other people in the city at the same time.  A tweet could let you know that the individual is enjoying a fantastic meal at a particular restaurant or that some interesting event taking place at a particular address.  This real time information would allow you to make instant changes in your plans.

I am not quite sure of the applications in regards to public schools, but we will see how twittering goes…

One thought on “Attempting a New Widget

  1. DMarcus

    There’s a growing wealth of information on how schools can use Twitter to further education both in the classroom and for collaboration between teachers, parents and administrators.

    The trick, I’ve found, is not to think of Twitter as just a way to “tweet” what you’re doing or the news of the day, but as a hub to share resources, ideas, suggestions, etc. I receive links to educational sites, suggestions for reading, news updates on what’s happening with other teachers and districts.

    After using Twitter for only a few weeks, I’m finding my thinking changing dramatically. It’s not just to let people know you’ll be hanging out at Starbucks this morning! It’s a great way to communicate and learn as an educator.

    Search and/or subscribe to educational technology blogs (easily searched and aggregated by Google Reader) and the Twittersphere will open up for you!


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