Pine Glen Invention Convention

Pine Glen

The Pine Glen cafetorium was filled with inventions this afternoon.  The creativity and innovation on display was impressive.  Students created a myriad of devices to help make their lives easier – The Table Setting Trolley, as well as make their lives more fun – a Self Pitch Baseball Device. 


Students had to identify the type of technology that they were using as a part of their invention – pulley, lever, wheel, etc.


One thought on “Pine Glen Invention Convention

  1. john papadonis

    Congratulations to all the Pine Glen future inventors. They all did a magnificent job of using the six simple machines to make our lives just a little bit easier! Special thanks to Ms. Hayes, Ms. Comunale, Ms. Vissochi and Ms. Coutu for providing the 4th graders with the “science and engineering” skills to design the inventions. Also, a huge thank you to all the Pine Glen parents who spent a great deal of time encouraging and assisting our future Burlington Engineers! We know how time consuming and sometimes “frustrating” the parental engineering process can be.
    Mr. Papadonis and Ms. Pavlicek


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