Burlington History Comes Alive

museum front

Local history has come alive for Burlington’s third grade students and teachers this year. With the help of the Burlington Historic Commissioners, we have implemented a program that supports the Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks that highlights our community from its start to the present day.  During a fall professional development day,  third grade teachers participated in a tour led by commissioner Kathi Horton.  Teachers went to the Francis Wyman House, Old West School, United Church of Christ, Burlington Public Museum, Second Precinct Burial Ground, Major General John Walker House, Marion Tavern, and the Town Common. 


During May and June, again under Ms. Horton’s direction, the students went to many of the same historical sights. In addition to the museum, burial ground, town common, and the Old West School, students participated in a game of Rounders,  Rounders is an early form of baseball with similar rules but with two significant differences, runners progress clockwise around the bases and they must carry their bats with them as they run.  Upon returning to the classroom, students wrote about the sites and teachers extended the learning through further Social Studies instruction.


Students learned a great deal due in large part to the knowable volunteer commissioners.  I would like to publicly thank them for all of their support. 

Ms. Kathi Horton

Ms. Sandra Coveno

Ms. Toni Faria

Ms. Joyce Fay

Ms. Eldrine Emerson

Mr. Michael Tredeau

Mr. Norman Biggart

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