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The Sunday article in the Boston Globe regarding school lunch and the cleanliness of the cafeterias paints a broad picture of unhealthy and unsafe practices. All cafeteria staff in Burlington are ServSafe certified, which exceeds the state requirement of having only one staff member per school certified. Burlington inspects the school cafeterias twice annually and takes the health and welfare of the students seriously. Copies of the inspections were provided to the Boston Globe as part of their investigation. The inspections are available through the Burlington Board of Health.

Paul Virgin, Food Service Director

 Press Release from Burlington Health Department

food inspections 6 09

3 thoughts on “Boston Globe Article

  1. Teacher in Burlington

    Thank you for providing this information to the public. As a teacher, I saw this article and it made me cringe. I’m glad to know that Burlington does what it needs to do to keep our students safe.

    I checked on the BOH site, and it does concern me that with every inspection, both Memorial and the High School has needed a re-inspection every single time. I am also hoping that it is a typo in the 2007 column of the Memorial School, as of right now it reads that the follow up wasn’t done until 2009. What is being done with Memorial and the High School to keep them up to par with the other schools in our system?

    Thank you,
    Teacher in Burlington

  2. Patrick

    I have spoken to our cafeteria staff about the re-inspection issue at the high school. One of the issues was because of the fact that the dumpster lids was left open and the other was due to a missing ceiling tile. While we take these concerns seriously, they were not due to any problems in the food preparation or serving areas.

    Thank you for allowing the opportunity for clarification and thank you to the Burlington Board of Health for doing such a complete job in inspecting our schools. We appreciate the opportunity to have supporting documentation in regards to the quality of our cafeteria.

  3. burlingtonps Post author

    The reoccurring issues at the High School and Memorial school are dumpster covers being left open. Health codes dictate that dumpster should remain closed at all times. The reinspections have never been for any issues directly related to the service or preparation of food. Thank you for your concern as I believe the cafeteria staff does an outstanding job in all aspects of their responsibilities.

    Paul Virgin
    Food Service Director
    Burlington Public Schools
    fax 781-272-1648


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