Upcoming Elementary Changes

Because of the many events at the end of the year, I am trying something different.  There is a BCAT presentation airing this week at 4:00 PM and 7:30 PM describing the changes in the elementary schedule and the system of reading being initiated next year. 

My intention was to provide a basic overview and to generate questions.  We will continue to present the specifics associated with these changes.  I just wanted to try to use BCAT as one more avenue of communication. 

Thank you to BCAT Executive Director Jen Dodge for her technical support.

One thought on “Upcoming Elementary Changes

  1. Nandini Narendran

    As a parent who does not have cable, I have been trying to see how I can get some information on these changes that are being discussed on air. I would like to see a link on the website to the same.



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