Superintendent’s (My) Evaluation

If you are a Burlington Public School Employee, Parent, Student, or Community member, please take a minute to fill out the survey below.  Your input will be completely anonymous.  The results will be shared with the school committee and discussed publicly at the June 23rd school committee meeting. 

The survey link will be open from May 17, 2009 through June 17, 2009.

Feedback is critically important if I am to improve in my job.  Thank you.

Superintendent’s Evaluation Link:

10 thoughts on “Superintendent’s (My) Evaluation

  1. Cathy Devaney

    I think Mr. Conti has done a great job under a large microscope!!! What we need in Town is stability in this position and I believe he is the man for the job!!!

  2. Paul Sateriale

    Really appreciate his can do spirit and innovative ideas on how to pay for programs, get kids and parents involved and overall positive attitude.

    He encourages involvement and ownership which can only lead to success.

  3. Ian

    Dr. Conti is a great communicator and knows what’s going on in his district. There are no surprises with him. He is reliable and someone I trust. Thank you, Dr. Conti, for bringing this fresh, positive energy where it was desperately needed.

  4. Dennis McCarron

    Dr. Conti, even this survey shows what kind of a leader you have been this year. This has been the most trying year in Burlington schools in my memory (15 years)and you have responded to every situation in a creative and positive way. I hope this community understands the effort that you have put forth this year. I have seen firsthand the long hours and willingness to get personally involved that you have committed to learning the job of superintendent. I hope to see you here for a long time and look forward to helping create a great school district.

  5. S. Jones

    A new broom, trying to recreate his schools in Virginia in Massachusetts. This has pluses and minuses.
    RTI – probably a plus.
    Forced implementation of SRA – a minus.
    Block scheduling – a definite minus. This kind of scheduling is on its way out, so why are we now, when it’s been proven to be unhelpful, instituting it in Burlington?
    Blanket statement that students can’t be retained – not sensible – there are always exceptions, especially for Kindergarten.
    Blogging? Really! If he absolutely has to blog (who reads it??) the least he could do is get his grammar correct. (After reading one and seeing the incorrect grammar, I haven’t read any more.) He is the face of Burlington SCHOOLS after all.

    1. Diane (a parent)

      This blog is just one example of the MANY positive, creative changes for the Burlington school system this year. In such a short time, we have greatly benefited from his innovative, transparent leadership. Dr. Conti has demonstrated true dedication and enthusiasm for our school system and community.

  6. Burlington Teacher

    I think that change for our schools is exactly what we need. Clearly, not everyone is always comfortable with change. It is motivating and refreshing to see the positive changes that Dr. Conti is trying to bring to our schools. He is determined to help children succeed and is completely invested in our system. Dr. Conti is IN the schools, talking with teachers, and shaking things up for the better. I am looking forward to the future with such an inspiring leader.

  7. John (a parent)

    Regarding the comment: “

    Well, I read the blog and I bet many other people read it as well. I applaud the openness and transparency, as well as the obvious thought and effort that goes into the postings. The superintendent’s job is petty demanding and the fact that Dr. Conti makes it a priority to communicate with Burlington residents is a BIG plus in my book. Along that line, the fact that he is soliciting evaluations from the community is also a tremendous asset. I notice that there are very few comments to the blogs, so I hope Dr. Conti doesn’t jump to the conclusion (inaccurate, in my opinion), that his efforts are not read and appreciated.

    1. John (a parent)

      BTW, I was responding to the comment “Blogging? […] who reads it?” in the first response. I had copied it into my response (between the quote marks)–but for some reason it didn’t post quite the way I expected.


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