Town Meeting Approves Five Projects

Town Meeting approved five School District projects during the second of three scheduled town meetings.  The three approvals all fell under Article 5 – 10-6 BHS Locker Room Renovation, 10-7 BHS Fitness Room Renovation,10-8 MSMS Bathroom Renovation.  The final two were separate articles – Article 26, BHS Elevator Design and Article 29, Community Custodial Services.

The work on the three renovation projects, as is true of most school district renovation, will be completed this summer.  Thank you to Town Meeting members for supporting the capital needs of the school district.

The final three school district capital projects will be taken up on Monday evening, May 18th.  These three Articles include the renovations needed to create the Burlington Sprouts Day Care Facility, the BHS Varsity Field Renovations, and the New Memorial School School.

The Burlington Sprouts Day Care Article involves a transfer of available funds.  In other words, the School Committee has already set aside the funds for this project in their planning for next year.  The Varsity Field and New Memorial School Projects require long term borrowing or bonding.  All of the projects fit into the conservative planning that has occurred in cooperation with the town over the last five months.

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